Welcome to the d line Toolbox

In the d line Toolbox you will find a range of everyday bathroom environments. You can use them as an inspiration or as a Tool for you next bathroom specification.

Choose the environment that you want to explore or need to specify. We have tagged the d line products for you – you can read about the specific item, you can add it to your list or - if you want to – you can add the entire environment. In your list you can change, add or delete products – and you will be given the opportunity to change to a different d line product should you wish to. You will also be able to choose which product information you want to add to your list – that be product specification data, drawings, 3 d images, photos etc. You can choose to collect all you data in a complete PDF file or a file for each product.

New environments will be added at a regular basis and we will launch our Door Toolbox in a short while.
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