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Museum, Aarhus Denmark

Architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects
Client:      Aarhus Kommune
Country:   Denmark


This striking art museum is the cultural centerpiece of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. The museum is designed specifically to welcome visitors, straddling a public thoroughfare that transforms the building into a bridge linking two of the city’s cultural centers. This public route through the museum provides a vital connection with the network of streets beyond, encouraging dynamic interplay between the museum and everyday life. The interior curving walkway divides the museum into two distinct wings: the exhibition wing with its gallery spaces and the service wing housing a restaurant, administration offices, conservation area, workshops, storerooms and a library.

A spectacular spiral staircase rises up from the museum walkway, a sculptural form wrapping around two lift shafts, together providing dramatic connections to the exhibition galleries.


Photos on behalf of schmidt hammer lassen architects


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