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d line is a complete range of classical designed hardware and bathroom products – all designed by the Danish architect and designer Knud Holscher.

For more than 40 years d line has been an important part of the architectural ironmongery business - even though our designs seem contemporary and modern. The striking thing about d line is the element of timelessness. Design-wise the whole range was completed a long time ago – so for us there is no such thing as a new d line product, or an old d line product – it is only a question of release dates.

We continue to support the architect in the quest for a homogenous visual expression relating the parts and detail of an environment to the architectural hole.

The simple design is manufactured in accordance with the d line tradition - strength, durability and functionalism - all are equal components when a new design is planned.
We strive to deliver a product that does exactly what the user expects it to - products that effortlessly suits the surroundings and blend in with the other products in the room.


Collection of Ikons is a range of unique door levers and accessories - designed by renowned architects who have all left their distinctive fingerprint in the world of architecture.

A beautiful building deserves a beautiful door lever - and through the past 60 years, numerous leading architects and designers has thought like us - from the world famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen to French architect Jean Nouvel and to the latest addition to our Collection of Ikons The Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG.

From the classic lever with rounded shapes to the modern edged lever - from the traditional use of stainless steel and brass to the bold use of new materials and combinations – each architect and designer has a different approach to the design process and to the determination of shape, form and material - and we appreciate the diversity this provides us.


BASE by d line is a new cost conscious hardware and bathroom series from d line.

BASE by d line is no replacement for any d line product, but is rather an addition to our already extensive product portfolio. With the introduction of BASE by       d line, we are now able to offer a comprehensive range of products in different price ranges, so that we can provide our customers with an extensive range of products, but only one supplier!


The series consists of a full range of hardware and bathroom products for both private and commercial buildings where volume is of paramount importance.

The products in the BASE by d line series are classic in their expression and produced in stainless steel.


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