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In 1971, d line‘s first lever, the U-shape, Ø14 mm, was manufactured. It was followed by the L-shape, which firmly established the d line ethos of stalwart, minimalist design. The overriding characteristic of these first two levers has been maintained in d line products ever since: the bent sections on all metal tubes maintain the radius of the even sections. This ensures a well balanced visual impression.


Holscher’s work with ironmongery began in the early 1960’s when he was the supervising architect on St. Catherine’s College in Oxford and associated with Arne Jacobsen. Holscher remembers ‘thumbing through stacks of brochures to add bits and pieces together to make a scheme of ironmongery. As there were no coordinated series of ironmongery in the 60’s, it was a most opportune offer Holscher got on his return to Denmark.


Over the years more designs emerged from the hands of Knud Holscher and slowly, but consistently the product range formed a complete scheme af stainless steel designs. 


In the past decades d line has been through highs and lows but has always emerged stronger and more determined to continue what has become the d line legacy

- to supply the architects of the world with a complete range of stainless steel

products with the same visual expression.


Diversity in products - unity in design!



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